We are an international community of spiritual seekers, each walking our own unique path of gnosis, or self-knowledge, drawn together by our mutual interest in peeling back the layers of patriarchal religion’s distortion of the original teachings of the Early Christian Gnostics, which are founded on our pagan ancestors’ millennia old cultural, mythological and spiritual tradition, known as the Rose Lineage.

The Avalon Rose Chapel® is situated on one of the islands in the Great Lake of Avalon surrounding Glastonbury, and thus our focus is on the fascinating weave between the Rose and Celtic lineages on the Holy Isle of Avalon, Glastonbury, with its rich Early Christian Gnostic spiritual heritage.

Ours is a philosophy of life – the word ‘philosophy’ stemming from the Greek word ‘philosophia‘, meaning ‘a love of Wisdom’. Sophia was the Black Goddess of Wisdom to both the Greeks and Gnostics, and it is her Sacred Marriage with her bridegroom Christ, later embodied through that of Magdalene and Yeshua, that we honour.

The Avalon Rose Chapel®

The Avalon Rose Chapel®, formerly known as The Glastonbury Gnostic Centre & Chapel before its premises in Glastonbury were forced to close during the pandemic, was founded on Beltane 1 May 2018 by Annabel Du Boulay, a feminist religious scholar, author, spiritual teacher and transpersonal therapist.

The new Chapel premises, which serve as an energetic container for the international Chapel Community, are situated close to Glastonbury and are available to hire for exclusive use as a Retreat Venue for groups of up to 12 guests.

What We Offer

If you feel inspired to explore a spiritual path outside the confines of patriarchal, organised religion, then we welcome you to explore our website, which serves as a sacred container and repository through which we:

  • deliver ONLINE spiritual workshops, courses and trainings
  • facilitate IN-PERSON spiritual pilgrimages
  • co-create an annual calendar of not-for-profit, online EVENTS honouring the main Gnostic Feast Days to raise funds for charity
  • share our academic research and embodied experience of our spiritual paths via our BLOG articles, which are also shared via our Instagram and Facebook pages


Online & In-PersonProgramme

Explore The Avalon Rose Chapel® Annual Programme of Priestess & Practitioner Trainings and Spiritual Pilgrimages, facilitated by Founder Annabel Du Boulay, and assisted by The Avalon Rose Chapel® Priestesses.

Calendar ofEvents

Join The Avalon Rose Chapel® Community as they co-facilitate an annual not-for-profit, online Calendar of Events honouring the main Gnostic Feast Days, by donation only to raise funds for our chosen charities.

Read OurBlog

Read our Blog written by The Avalon Rose Chapel® Community sharing our academic research and embodied experience of our spiritual paths.

The Avalon Rose Chapel® Path to Healing Course

Explore our Directory of Avalon Rose Chapel® Practitioners who facilitate the Path to Healing Course in-person and online

The Avalon RoseChapel®

Find out more about The Avalon Rose Chapel®, our roots in Glastonbury, our Spiritual Path, the Avalon Rose Lineage, and our Chapel Community of Avalon Rose Priestesses & Practitioners.


Find out more about the Charities we support in the UK and internationally, through our not-for-profit online events, and access our Directory of Women's Rights Organisations.

The Serpent'sTale

Read Annabel Du Boulay's witch-burnings novel The Serpent's Tale, set in Italy, and embark on an empowering journey of spiritual transformation inspired by the Gnostic Myth of Sophia and nursing her own daughter Sophia.

The HealingWomb

'The Healing Womb' Art Installation comprises of 4 archetypal paintings of the Mother of Loss (Hecate), Mother of Solitude (Lilith), Mother of Healing (Brigit) & Mother of Compassion (Kuan Yin), for women with womb wounding.
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