During the final few days of Venus/Inanna/Our sojourn in the Inner Sanctum of the Underworld with the Black Goddess Ereshkigal, the embodiment of our Shadow Self, I embarked on a personal pilgrimage with my Rose Priestess Sister Achintya Devi, to the home of my beloved Assistant on my Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene Training and Dragon Queen of Wales – Pamela Gaunt.

In those last few days before Venus’s reappearance in the night skies as the Evening Star, we journeyed to Ceridwen’s Cauldron to release all that no longer serves us. Our journey was blessed by the magical presence of a Seal family who witnessed our prayers.

Pamela’s re-telling of Ceridwen’s myth in which she takes her “disabled” child back into her cave and weaves a magic potion to heal him opened the gateway of my heart for my tears of remembrance to flow.

Then, as we reached the Cauldron carved out of the rocky headland, I witnessed the mythos of our family story playing out through the Seal family, with one seeming ill or perhaps dying seal pup alone in the Cauldron cave, whilst the Mama, Papa and 2 healthy pups played together in the ocean.

I could feel my anxiety from long ago rising, the fear of the Mama who nearly lost her two disabled children so many times, as I kept looking back to check on the seal pup.

Sometimes, it can feel like these old wounds will never heal. Just as we think we have reached the final point of catharsis, the energies conspire to lead us back into the cave of the Black Goddess and there, in the shadows, we find an even deeper layer of grief or pain that needs releasing and healing.

But by listening and responding to the energies of the earth, astronomical and astrological cycles; by creating space in our lives away from our work, life and parenting responsibilities; by communing with Mother Nature and her animal guides; by allowing the ancient myths, archetypes and symbols to illuminate our own stories, we create sacred pathways for our individual healing as well as that of the collective.

As my memories surfaced and my tears flowed, I watched as the Mama Seal swam into Ceridwen’s cauldron to check on her pup, who gently wriggled its plump body against the stones.

All was well. All is well. All will be well.

Blessed be to the stirring of memories, the release of grief and the healing of the Mother

Deep gratitude to my Celtic Rose Sister-Priestesses for guiding and co-creating our pilgrimage in shared Sisterhood. More pilgrimage posts and insights to follow!

Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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