I am DAY 8 of my fasting-detox. I’ve lost 10lbs of toxins so far! After releasing so much emotionally through the Samhain fires of the Dark-New Moon portal, and stepping through Inanna’s First Gate of Ascent with my Rose Moon Membership, I felt a deep need to purge my physical body.

Inspired by my soul-brother Alex Reyes-Ortiz, I began my fast last Mon for 3 days followed by 4 days of green juices. For the first 4 days, I felt like death. My head was pounding from cacao-withdrawal, I had insomnia and was short-tempered.

At the same time as my body was releasing toxins and addictive patterns of behaviour, my Shadow Self was also letting go of the negative beliefs, thoughts, feelings and memories that lay beneath.

I now feel no hunger, no cravings, no desperate need for anything. I feel calmer than I ever have, surrendered, at peace. And more loving and gentle with myself.

The veils between the Otherworld and our Earthly Realm, between Source, my guides and me, have all but faded away.

My senses are acutely attuned “to the mysteries that swirl in and around us.”

This is the medicine of Venus-Inanna’s First Gate of Ascent working with the Base Chakra. Yes it concerns the standard issues associated with this chakra – survival (how we are meeting our basic needs), shelter (home) and our core familial relationships.

But by consciously experiencing the energies of this First Gate, we come to understand that EVERYTHING depends upon our BODY, upon our physical well-being and strength.

Our body is the foundation upon which everything else blossoms. It is our Tree of Life.

If our body is weak, overloaded with toxins, fatigued by blood sugar imbalance, then our mind will be clouded and our Soul will not have a powerful vehicle through which to manifest its purpose.

This week I am so grateful to have learned to love myself and my body that bit more, healed my addict self at an even deeper level, and created a clearer, stronger, more powerful channel through which my Soul and Sophia-Magdalene can shine their light.

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Blessed be to the BODY!
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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