Blessed Samhain from the Isle of Avalon, the ancient Isle of Death, Transformation and Rebirth.

Blessed be to the souls of all the Wisewomen-Witches, the Guardians of the Grail, the Keepers of the Mysteries who have been tortured and killed in the name of patriarchal religion.

May those of us on this path in this life-time honour your sacrifice by transforming our fear through the fires of Samhain this night into the courage we need to stand strong as the Wisewomen-Warriors we were born to be.

If you want to know the truth of the witch-burnings, my novel The Serpent’s Tale is an historically accurate depiction of a village’s fight to save their Wisewoman Rosa from the fires of the Inquisition.

Many people have past-life memories return to them as they read it and are able to work with these memories and fears that so many of us carry from past-lives.

Fear that if we dare to speak our truth in this life-time, to stand in our power as a Wisewoman-Witch, that we will be tortured and killed. It’s a fear that nearly stopped me from publishing my book.

This Samhain eve is an opportunity for us all to release any fears that we need to at this time in our lives so that we can more deeply embody, channel and share the wisdom, love and teachings of our pagan ancestors which patriarchal religion sought to destroy but never will.

Blessed be to the Wisewomen-Witches
Blessed be to the Guardians of the Grail
Blessed be to the Keepers of the Mysteries
Blessed be this Samhain from the Isle of Avalon, Isle of the Dead
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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