Returning to these ancient isles of Bride and of my Scottish-Jewish ancestors during this time of Imbolc has been so profound and purifying.

I first travelled throughout Scotland in 1996 when I was studying for my MSc degree at LSE, specialising in the Feminine Divine in Paganism and Gnosticism.

The last time I journeyed to all the sacred sites and islands was in 2009 when I was pregnant with my son Zac.

It has been so healing to return now on our Rose-Celtic pilgrimage with my beloved Alex, whilst we’re co-creating the Rose Chapel in Avalon together.

These sacred Celtic-Druidic Isles have been woven with the bloodlines of the Rose Lineage for 4000 years, culminating in the Holy Grail bloodline of Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, and are where some believe was her final resting place.

Blessings Hebrides Annabel Du Boulay


I’m from the same Blue Blood lineage as Magdalene, known as the Rh-negative bloodline, which dates back to the civilisations of Ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of the Rose Lineage.

It has been so profound for me to connect to the souls of my Scottish-Jewish ancestral grandmothers, who birthed my grandfather, the Master Freemason who initiated me into the Ancient Egyptian Gnostic mysteries when I was a child.

And to journey deeply with my inner Celtic Druidic Priestess and Rose Priestess for they are as intertwined as my bloodlines in these lands.

Here on these wild isles, cleansed by storms, hail, snow and sun, we have descended together into the depths of the Dark Moon to heal an even deeper layer of our Wounded Child & Lover Selves, so that we may return to Avalon with our hearts cracked open even wider in service through the Rose Chapel.

With our Rose love and blessings from the Hebrides
Annabel Du Boulay & Alex Reyes-Ortiz ?♥️?
Rose Priestess & Priest of Avalon

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