My prayer this Imbolc is that this film of the Glastonbury Goddess Conference 2008 brings the Maiden Goddess Bridie’s healing to both our Avalonian and our global community.

May we remember why we all came and still come together – in love and devotion to Goddess in all Her names, and in defiance of the patriarchy who sought to destroy Her and those who worship Her.

May we become more conscious around the ways in which the wounding of our ancestral lines by the patriarchy still plays out through our own internalised shadow behaviour.

May we show understanding, love, compassion and forgiveness to ourselves and each other for this.

For we are not the perpetrators and we are not at war with each other – that is a projection by the patriarchy in order to weaken and control us.

We are kind, compassionate, forgiving, loving, wise, strong, rebellious, wild, sensual, sexual, angry, defiant and every other light and shadow emotion – AND WE ARE LOVE.

We are the light-workers who contracted to be here together at this time to heal these ancestral wounds that are playing out between us, and to be THE CHANGE.

This Imbolc, may we remember the love we have for each other, and may we come together in mutual respect for the different paths we tread in devotion to Goddess in Her many forms, united as one against the patriarchy.

Blessed be
Annabel Du Boulay
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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