Celebrating International Women’s Day! I’m very proud and honoured on this special day to announce the release of a new version of my beloved sister Nalini Blossom’s anthem ‘Circle of Women’, produced by internationally renowned Craig Pruess, and on which my daughter Sophia and I sing as part of the 6 woman choir.

So many synchronicities led to the co-creation of this new version of the anthem, which had already gone viral globally within women’s spirituality circles.

Nalini first recorded it with a choir of women on Samhain Eve in 2013 in a small studio next to Glastonbury Abby, in the very same building where I founded The Glastonbury Gnostic Centre and Chapel five years later in 2018, which Nalini helped me and my daughter Sophia to open with a powerful Sabai ceremony of songs and prayers.

Over a cacao in Glastonbury in 2018, Nalini mentioned that she was meeting with Craig Pruess and his family to discuss the possibility of recording a new version of ‘Circle of Women’, and invited Sophia and me to join them. We gathered up our drums and voices, and headed to the White Spring, where we all chanted and sung together in front of the Brigit altar. The seeds were sown then for a journey of Sisterhood and Song that would spiral on until now.

At the time, Sophia and I were celebrating the culmination of a 19 year journey of the repeated Sophianic Descent of the Soul together as Mother and Daughter. As many of you know, it was through my daughter Sophia Mary’s birth with a life-threatening syndrome, and nursing her through 12 operations, that we were initiated onto the Rose Path of Sophia-Magdalene, which Nalini also walks as a devotional Sacred Singer.

Within our Sister Choir’s co-creation of this new version of Nalini’s ‘Circle of Women’, Sophia and I came to embody the energies of the Mothers and Daughters in the lyrics. As Sisters, we all consciously wove our prayers into the song for the healing and empowerment of all women and girls, and for the healing of the shadow wound within the global Sisterhood, caused by a patriarchal society that has tried to disempower us for millennia.

You can purchase this new version of ‘Circle of Women’ on Bandcamp, and if you buy it today on International Women’s Day, Nalini will be donating 10% of the proceeds to balistreetmums.org, who are working to end the tragic cycle of impoverished mothers taking their children to beg, leaving them vulnerable to sex trafficking in Bali.

May this anthem be blessed with wings to fly, and may all women and girls know that they are loved, strong, worthy, beautiful and powerful.

With deep love and gratitude to all the women in my life, across lifetimes and in our global Sisterhood
Annabel Du Boulay
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel®

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