In the past fortnight since I visited Kilmore Church with its stained glass window of Yeshua and his pregnant Holy Bride Magdalene, on the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides (the Isles of Bride), I have been in a deep process with my own Lover Self and Sacred Marriage, which we are also currently working with in my online Avalon Rose Priestess Training.

The next place on our pilgrimage was the Isle of Iona, which I hadn’t visited since 2009 when I was on my honeymoon and pregnant with my disabled son.

We had to book into the same hotel we had stayed in, and my parents were given the same honeymoon suite we had slept in.

It was a bitter-sweet homecoming for me, as I released the last tears of sadness around the loss of my dreams and marriage, at the same time as facilitating the most beautiful ceremony for my parents, who renewed their vows after 55 years of marriage in St Oran’s Chapel, the burial ground of our ancestral Clan MacDonald – the Lords of the Isles.

And my eldest daughter Sophia sung The Skye Boat Song (theme song of ‘Outlander’) to the souls of our ancestors in the Chapel.

On returning to Avalon down the Rose Line from Rosslyn Chapel with my new Red and White Chalices from Iona, I offered my moon blood once more to the Sacred Spring of the Rose and Grandmother Yew in gratitude.

I then retreated into my cave to journey more deeply with my Lover Self, exploring the origins of shadow patterning, reclaiming parts of me that had been buried beneath internalised beliefs forced upon me by patriarchal society and unhealthy lovers.

A trusted brother then held space and reflected back to me beautifully on the top of Dundon Hill.

When we arrived, the fire pit already had a hexagram made from twigs with red and white flowers in its centre – the exact same symbols we work with during our Magdalene workshop in my Priestess Training.

We made our own offerings of red & white roses in gratitude and then…I was stung by a honeybee in my groin/sacral chakra, right in the area of my body where the pain from these past wounds is stored.

Ever since my initiation in 1999 as a Healer, I have worked with the Honeybee & Sirian healing energies with loved ones and clients. For me, it is one of the most powerful medicines, especially in relation to releasing feelings of betrayal and hurt. So, I gave deep thanks to the honeybee for sacrificing its life so that I could receive its healing medicine at the perfect moment.

As we move towards Wednesday’s Venus Moon Conjunction and the New Moon, this is the perfect time to keep diving deeply into your Lover Self and Relationships, releasing, healing, transforming any shadow patterns, thoughts and behaviours, and if necessary setting yourSelf free from any relationships that are no longer serving your new Self, who’s now emerging from this year of alchemical transformation in the Holy Grail Crucible of Magdalene and Yeshua.

Blessed be to the Lovers from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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