On today’s New Moon in Cancer – the Mother of the Zodiac – as I prepare to facilitate my online workshops and ceremonies for the Earth Mother Goddess Conference next week, I am so deeply grateful to all the Grandmothers and Mothers – Earthly, Ancestral and Divine.

During another walk with my Fae daughter Jasmine to meditate with Grandmother Yew and on the sacred summit of Dundon Hill – the hill of the ancestral Grandmother Danu, Anu, Ana, Anna – we gave deep thanks to Mother Earth and the Divine Mother for all the ways in which She nurtures, heals, sustains and inspires us.

As we rebirth ourselves through this New Moon portal towards the Lion’s Gate of Sirius, this is the perfect time to truly, deeply nurture ourselves and our bodies, above all through our connection to Mother Earth.

Today, I began another bone broth and green juice fast, and made a commitment to devote more time to my physical well-being.

During this New Moon and Mental Health Awareness Month, I would recommend spending as much time as you can in Nature, if you are able, engaging in what we call ‘Green Exercise’ at MIND, be it gardening, walking, hiking, running, cycling – whatever makes your soul and body feel alive and energised.

As a mother myself, who at times can feel overwhelmed by the load that I carry on my own, I know that my greatest resource is allowing myself to be supported by Mother Earth and the Divine Mother, to literally feel the Earth rising up to support my base and sacral chakras, so that I can keep loving, holding and creating.

New Moon and Earth blessings from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel

Join us online next week at the Earth Mother Goddess Conference.

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