This year’s Earth Day falls on the Magdalene Rose Coded date of 22.04.2020 = 444 – the Master Healer number relating to Mother Earth and the laying of strong, stable foundations in order to build something which benefits many generations to come.

This is exactly where we find ourselves this year on Earth Day – with the unique opportunity, catalysed by this pandemic, to envision and co-create a New Earth together.

In my novel The Serpent’s Tale (2009), the old wisewoman Rosa, Priestess of Sophia, says:

“One day, the Black Goddess will return in her full glory, bringing with her the wisdom of how to live freely in peace with ourselves, each other and the EARTH.

“The embers of her fire are still glowing and each day that we fan the flames is another step closer to her rebirth, when the boiling lava deep within the rocks of her body will explode up in a volcanic rush so violent that the hot ashes will fall upon every land, fertilising the earth so that the seed of the Black Goddess and her divine wisdom can grow once more.”

This time is NOW. And our foundation of the New Earth is by necessity a co-creation with the Black Earth Goddess known by many names – Cybele, Gaia Melaina, Mata, Modor, Deghom, Demeter, Domun Donn.

What does the New Earth look like for you on both an individual, microcosmic level, and a collective, macrocosmic level?

What small or big steps can you take to co-create and manifest that vision into reality?

As you prepare to rebirth yourSelf as QUEEN into a new 8 year Cycle of Venus in June, what are your dreams, aspirations and intentions in relation to your own unique contribution to the Earth and world?

What social and environmental projects do you want to invest your time, passion and energy into?

Which Sister-Queens do you feel inspired to collaborate and co-create with?

With deep gratitude to Mother Earth and prayers of hope for our New Earth
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Founder Glastonbury Gnostic Centre & Rose Chapel
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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