On this sacred day, we see a beautiful inter-weaving across faiths where we celebrate Light.

This light may come in and be honoured as St John, who the Mandaeans called “The Man of Light”, or it may be celebrated as the divine light with a ceremonial solstice bonfire, or it may even be recognised as a discovery of the divine light within.

St. John was known as a teacher of the mysteries, and his role was to initiate people into these mysteries in preparation for them to receive the higher initiation from Christ.

This day is marked in his honour, and so, if we feel called to journey with the mysteries, we may receive an inner initiation, a deepening of our perception and embodied understanding of the divine Light.

In Pagan traditions (as well as many other nature-based faith systems) the Summer Solstice is revered as the season of connecting with the element of water, to dive into the inner depths, to connect with the mirror of truth, to deepen our own knowledge and understanding of who we truly are on a soul level.

For me, this is a time for deep reflection on who we are and how we can connect to our light, our purpose, our gnosis and shine it out into the world.

This is where, especially across Europe, you can really see the weaving across pagan, early-gnostic and early-christian faith systems.

And so on this day of light, however you personally choose to witness and celebrate it, I offer you a blessing on your path, may it be filled with inspiration and joy, may you find deep and profound truths and healing, and may you journey with divine love and light in your heart.

Blessed Be
With Rose Love and Blessings
Priestess Darcie

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