On this night of Candelora, my inner Maiden was moved to tears when I heard my daughter singing the words of a song I wrote back in 1996 when I was living in Cusco, Peru.

Whilst volunteering at an orphanage, working with children who had suffered so much trauma, my own inner Maiden began to process the sexual abuse she had endured, and I wrote this song for her.

This evening, I walked into our music room to find my eldest daughter, Sophia, singing the words of my song. She had found them in my book The Serpent’s Tale and assumed it was a poem I had written.

As Sophia sung, my inner Maiden broke down and then sung her song. The melody was almost identical but Sophia had never heard me sing it.

Here she is singing it for only the fourth time with her faithful wolf Chaska, which means Star Goddess in Quechua.

At this time of Imbolc and Candelora, may this song bring Bridie’s healing to every child and adult survivor of abuse. May we all learn to fly high.

Blessed be to the children
Annabel Du Boulay
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

Fly High

See that young girl,
The unfastened dress,
With her lips bloodied red
And her hair a mess?

I run with her
To the mountain peak
To escape the evil,
The violent and weak.

Climb out of the valley of darkness,
The shadows can only bring pain.
In the skies, you will find a healing light
Where the fear of his touch will wane.

Fly high on the wings of a raven
As it soars over your earthly fears,
Take me with you on the winds of change
To where the sun dries your tears.

See that woman,
A whore and a nun,
With her lips rouged brightly
Hair tight in a bun?

I walk with her
Through my dreams at night,
And pray that he’ll leave us
Alone in the light.

Song copyright Annabel Du Boulay 1996
Arrangement copyright Sophia Campbell-Du Boulay 2020

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