On 28 Oct @ 01:41 GMT, Venus enters Libra, her own sign, where Venus resides in her dignity in my personal chart. Born on the Magdalene coded 22nd at 22 degrees Taurus Rising, ruled by Venus, my entire Soul blueprint is in ritual service to the Goddess and as a voice for the deep, inner presence of Venus.

This week, I’ve returned to Sicily for the Samhain Full Blue Blood Moon, where Venus-Aphrodite had her main cult centre at Eryx. As I prepare my teachings on this ancient Goddess of Love for The Queens’ Round Table Leadership Programme, she is guiding me on pilgrimage in her sacred lands.

One of her greatest teachings, and specifically that of Venus in Libra, is finding the balance between love for others and love for Self, between giving and receiving, between being in service to humanity and taking care of our own well-being.

This is a lesson I learned through the past 21 years of mothering and nursing my children – that the only way I could continue to hold them at the depth that I had to, was to consistently give myself time out, like this week in Sicily, to come back to mySelf, my Soul and my Path as the Virgin Warrior, beholden to no-one and no-thing.

And in that restoration of Self, that re-membrance of who we essentially are at our core, that taste of Soul freedom, we find the strength, courage, compassion and love to return in service to our loved ones and humanity.

This is one of the core teachings of the Goddess of Love in the Rose Lineage, from Venus-Aphrodite to Mother Mary, who we are currently journeying with in my Avalon Rose Priestess Training.

This painting is of the Annunciation in the Santuario della Madonna di Tindari, Sicily, which I visited on Sunday, but I also like to see it as the Sacred Marriage between Archangel Michael and Mary, whose dragon leylines weave their way through the land, fertilising it with their Union founded in the harmony and balance embodied within Venus in Libra.

So take some time to come home to yourself over the next 4 weeks, especially in relation to the arts and your creativity, which Venus in Libra adores. Focus on personal relationships that bring peace and unity, and release those that don’t!

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