What if, when you made the journey into the shadows, there was only light?

What if that core wound you were seeking to heal at a deeper level was no longer there?

What if it was just a story that you could choose to no longer attach to?

What if what’s really being eclipsed is the Light of your true essence?

What if you embodied simply the Lightness of Being?

Who would you be? Where would you go? What would you do? Who with?

Today, on the Summer Solstice, I gifted mySelf a few hours away from home where I’ve been shielding my son since 12 March.

My Soul chose to spend the time social-distancing with my beloved friend Laura, meditating with our favourite 2000 yr old Grandmother Yew, hiking up a sacred hill in Avalon to drum and pray to the Sun-Son King, then swinging high into the trees as my Divine Child Self giggled with delight at being allowed the freedom to play.

This is what I discovered when I peered into the Shadows – not a core wound to be healed at a deeper level, but a girl who used to love to be in Nature with her animals and the Fae, to ride through woodlands and climb trees, to play music, sing and dance, to pray to the angels, to write stories and plays, to dress up and perform them, to draw and paint pictures, to swing high in the tree tops and dream of distant lands.

This little girl has been eclipsed by shadow layers of responsibility, shame, guilt, caring for others and endless hours of hard work.

No more. Today, on this Summer Solstice, I made a vow to not waste another moment on healing any core wound. I release all core wounds, all stories that no longer serve me.

As the Sun reaches its zenith of Light, I choose to be in my radiant bliss, not from a place of spiritual by-passing, but because I’ve spent far too long working in the shadows.

Now it’s time for my Divine Child to come out of hiding and lead me into my future. Where will yours lead you through this Solstice-Eclipse portal?

Allow me to guide you through my Rose Moon recording via this link.

With love from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?

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