Friday Venus Day Live Circles

Join me and my daughter Sophia live every Friday (Venus Day) at 19:00 GMT in my private Facebook Group ‘The Avalon Rose Circle’.

As many of you know, our family has spent years living on the bridge between life and death, including years when our ability to leave the house, and therefore to work, was highly restricted (5 hours each a week) due to the level of intensive nursing care by 2 adults my disabled son Zac legally required.

During these years, we developed extensive coping skills and strategies for living through long-term, high-stress situations, especially in relation to being isolated as a family at home.

We would therefore love to offer our support to the global community by holding a weekly, free, live circle online.

Our intention is to offer a short, healing circle of prayer, guided meditation and song followed by a Q&A where both Sophia and I will be happy to answer any questions you may have, such as:

How do you relate positively as a family when you’re all under stress at the same time?
How do you deal with tension within the family?
How do you support one another?
How do you keep strong as a parent/carer at the same time as supporting everyone else in the family?
How do you support a child who is frightened of illness/loss/death?
How do you cope with not being able to leave your house?
How do you cope when a family member is seriously ill?
How do you cope when a family member is in hospital?
How do you cope with the fear of loss/death?

If you would like to join us, please ask to join my private Facebook Group ‘The Avalon Rose Circle’.

Sophia and I look forward to supporting you and any young adults (aged over 18 years) who would like to join us there.

With our love and blessings from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay & Sophia
Founder of The Glastonbury Gnostic Centre & Rose Chapel

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