Tonight, on the eve of Venus stationing retrograde, my Beltane daughter Jasmine and I went to the Red Spring at the foot of Glastonbury Tor in Avalon.

There we offered Magdalene’s sacred water from St Baume in Southern France into the Red Spring with prayers for the Rose and Celtic-Druidic lineages that weave their way through these ancient lands.

Afterwards, I released the beads of a bracelet into the waters, which was bound with vows that a Sister had broken through her shadow betrayal of my trust by repeatedly sharing my teachings as her own without honouring me.

We released it and her with prayers of gratitude for all that we have shared, for her healing and for the healing of the Sister Wound, which drives women into these patriarchal patterns of competition and power-over from a deep, primal sense of lack.

We then gifted the waters five Rose Quartz hearts symbolising the 5-pointed ?Star of Wisdom ?that Venus traces in the centre of Her Celestial Rose, inspiration for both the Rose and Celtic-Druidic spiritual traditions, and for my Avalon Rose Priestess Training, which just completed at Beltane:

?Air – Maiden – Eve
?Fire – Lover – Magdalene
?Water – Mother – Mary
?Earth – Crone – Lilith
?Spirit – Wisdom – Sophia

As we gave thanks for this last 8 year Venus Cycle, especially this last 18 months of tracking it so deeply in my Rose Moon Membership, we whispered prayers of release for all that no longer serves us and the world.

And as we spoke our intentions for the coming 8 year Venus Cycle, we especially called in the collaboration of women who honour, respect and support each other in the co-creation of the New Earth.

May we all be freed from the effects of patriarchy, both internally and externally, as we heal our Mother-lines and global Sisterhood, and come fully into our power as Queens of Truth and Integrity.

With love from the Red Spring of Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Founder Glastonbury Gnostic Centre & Rose Chapel
Co-Founder The Queens’ Round Table

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