This Samhain Full Blue Blood Moon on Saturday 31 October @ 14:49 GMT in the Tropical fixed earth sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus, is calling us home to our roots, our bloodlines, our lineages and our ancestors.

It is rare to have a second Full (hence Blue) Moon in a calendar month, and even rarer that it falls on Samhain (around every 18-19 years).

Samhain is the Celtic Festival of the Dead, when the veils between the worlds of the living and the dead are at their thinnest. On the Isle of Avalon, the Isle of the Dead, the 9 Morgens guard the gateway through which we enter to commune with the Spirits and our Ancestors.

As we journey with Mary in my Avalon Rose Priestess Training, and I prepare my teachings on Venus-Aphrodite and the Heart Chakra for The Queens’ Round Table, I have returned to Sicily, the Land of the Black Madonna and of Venus Erycina, who was worshipped on Mount Eryx.

I am completing a 15-month Holy Blue Bloodline Pentagram pilgrimage and energetic grid from

1) the Black Madonna of Tindari, Sicily on 15 Aug 2019 when Venus was reborn as the Evening Star; to

2) the Hebrides, the Isles of the Holy Bride Magdalene & Brigit-Bride, at Imbolc 2020 via Avalon; to

3) Tindari, Sicily just after we walked through the 1st Gate of Descent in this new 8 year Venus Cycle on 15 Aug 2020 via Avalon; to

4) the Hebrides during the Magalene/Yeshua Sacred Marriage encoded Autumn Equinox via Avalon; to

5) Tindari, Sicily to close the Pentagram on this Samhain Full Blue Blood Moon via Avalon.

During my Imbolc pilgrimage to the Hebrides, I shared a post on the Magdalene coded 22.02.20 about her Blue Blood lineage, known as the RH-negative bloodline, which dates back to the civilisations of Ancient Mesopotamia, the cradle of the Rose Lineage.

Throughout this 15 month pilgrimage, I have been creating an energetic Blue Blood grid, working with the sacred dragon waters of the lands and my moon blood, which carries this Blue Bloodline of the Rose.

I have woven deep prayers and magic into these offerings to purify and protect the dragon leylines, the Holy Blue Bloodline and the true teachings of the Rose Lineage, which they carry in their veins.

On this Samhain Full Blue Blood Moon, as I close the Pentagram with my final offerings of sacred dragon waters from all these lands and my moon blood gathered on the 3rd Venus Waning Moon Conjunction and Day of the Templar Knights, my prayer is that the Blue Blood Grail Lineage and the true teachings of the Rose may be restored to their rightful place and protected from those who seek to either destroy, control or prostitute them.

May your journey with your own bloodline and ancestors this Samhain Full Blue Blood Moon be as equally purifying, honouring, illuminating and empowering.

With so much love and blessings from the Black Madonna of Tindari, Sicily
Annabel Du Boulay ???
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

You can access my Full Blue Blood Moon guided journey into the Cave of the Ancestors by joining my Rose Moon Membership.

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