As I sit down to write this 6 hours before the Full Moon in Pisces reaches its apex at 05:33 BST, with Her light shining down on me through my window, I’m reflecting on what a typically Piscean, watery, emotional day I’ve had.

This Full Moon is occurring in the Constellation Phoenix, the magical bird who is reborn from the ashes of the fire in Greek mythology.

This is very synchronistic as this Full Moon is occurring on Friday 13th in some parts of the world, a day associated with the Wisewomen-Witches who were burned in the fires of the Inquisition, which my historical novel The Serpent’s Tale explores.

This is a rare event, happening around every 20 years, and therefore amplifies the energetic opportunity for us to reclaim our ancestral grandmothers’ original use of fire and release into the flames all that no longer serves us before rebirthing ourselves from the ashes on the wings of the Phoenix.

With this Full Moon occurring whilst the Sun is still in Virgo, we are still working with the Triple Goddess archetype – the Maiden, Virgin Warrior and High Priestess – which we journeyed with at the New Moon.

They are the ones we must call upon to help us to identify what self-destructive patterns need releasing and then what hopes and dreams need imagining.

Today, I made a commitment to healing an even deeper layer of my Addict Self by releasing her core addiction to chocolate (the only one left!) which I used to self-soothe as a traumatised child, and which later led to cigarettes, caffeine, alcohol and drugs.

As soon as I denied her the oral gratification of being able to immediately soothe herself, ie: to negate or numb any shadow feelings, my negative self-talk gremlins took over.

I spent the day drifting from work to prayer, meditation and journalling, allowing the shadow voices I’ve been suppressing to arise without judgement, just observing and sometimes crying, allowing the emotions to move through me.

And then I started to dream my life alive, writing down all my hopes and dreams for my future.

This Full Moon, take some time to go through a similar process Identify a self-destructive behaviour that you may be ready to release now, allow your emotions to flow then empower your High Priestess to dream for herSelf and for our world.

To access my Full Moon Guided Visualisation Video and work with these energies, join my Rose Moon Membership today.

With my Full Moon Blessings from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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