This Full Rose Moon in Sagittarius with the Constellation Serpens is an incredibly powerful Rose Lineage Portal of Rebirth.

In the Ancient Greek mythology of the Rose Lineage, Serpens was the snake held by the healer Asclepius who killed it, but the snake was resurrected by another snake who placed a reviving herb upon its body.

The serpent is one of the most ancient symbols of Goddess Wisdom in the Rose Lineage, dating back to the Paleolithic Era. Its wisdom comes from its ability to constantly renew and resurrect itself through the shedding of its skin.

Hence, the title of my historical, witch-burning novel The Serpent’s Tale which explores the Rose Lineage mythologies and reclaims the role of Priestess of Sophia.

Ascelpius is represented astronomically by the Constellation Ophiuchus ‘The Serpent Bearer’ which holds the Constellation Serpens, its head to the West and its tail to the East.

Part of the Milky Way’s galactic plain passes through the Serpens Tail containing the Eagle Nebulus, which lies in the direction of the Galactic Centre and itself contains the Pillars of Creation – three dust clouds which are continually creating new stars but simultaneously being destroyed by them.

The central pillar, which lies at the heart of the nebula is known as the Star Queen.

Energetically, THIS is the Queendom of the Rose Lineage where the Queen of Heaven – who is known by many names such as Inanna, Ishtar, Isis, Sophia, Mary – gives birth to the stars.

This Full Rose Moon is shining her light on Serpens, amplifying the energies of this Cosmic Womb of the Rose Lineage and Birthing Chamber of the Star Queen of Heaven, specifically in relation to Her Serpentine ability to die and to be reborn as symbolised in the Resurrection Myth of Descent and Ascent inspired by the Cycle of Venus.

In these last two weeks before the end of this eclipse cycle, which started 5 months ago on 6 January with a partial Solar Eclipse, and the beginning of the next cycle with the full Solar Eclipse coming up on July 2, She is asking us to release everything that is no longer serving the manifestation of our Soul’s purpose.

She is asking us to give birth to our own inner Star, that light that shines so uniquely and brightly within each of us.

We are all so exquisitely beautiful and the more we give ourselves permission to shine, the more we will admire how brightly others shine instead of trying to cast a shadow over them.

And the more we all shine together, the less space there will be for the shadow of patriarchy and evil to reign.

SHINE, SHINE, SHINE with the Queen of Heaven this Full Rose Moon!

With my deep Rose love and blessings
Annabel Du Boulay
Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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