At 11:11pm BST today, the Sirius Solar portal will open with Sirius conjunct the Sun until 12:43pm BST on 8 July 2020, reaching exact on 5 July (5:09pm-5:34pm BST).

The Sirius Sun Conjunction is one of three annual Sirian portals when the Earth and all Her Beings are able to receive amplified energies from Sirius through the Earth’s magnetic field.

This current portal is an opportunity for both the Earth and us to not only receive energy directly from Sirius, our Spiritual Sun, but to have it amplified by the fires of our Physical Sun.

I highly recommend that you retreat into prayer and meditation each day from now until the 8th July to open to the energies of Sirius and guidance from the Council in the Great Hall of Sirius.

Call to the Light-Beings, the Shining Ones, the Lion-Beings, and the Blue Ray of Christ-Consciousness, which carries the energies of the Sacred Marriage of the divine Feminine Sophia with the divine Masculine Christos.

Visualise the Blue Sapphire of Sirius illuminating your Third Eye Chakra and creating a gateway through which to enter the Great Hall of Sirius to receive healing and guidance.

It is not a coincidence that Sunday’s Full Moon in Capricorn (05:44 BST) Penumbral Lunar Eclipse (04:07-05:52 BST, maximum 04:29) is happening within this Sirian Solar Conjunction portal, weaving the Lunar, Solar and Sirian energies together to create a powerful gateway through which we can rebirth ourselves this weekend.

Spend some time on the threshold today and tomorrow, looking back at all that has come before, tying up loose ends, releasing old patterns, composting old stories that no longer serve you, and then step through the Full Moon Eclipse gateway on Sunday with an open heart, hope and commitment to the co-creation of a New Earth that serves your Divine Self and all Beings, blessed by the Sacred Union of Sirius and the Sun, Sophia and the Christos.

With love and blessings of Sirius
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
The Avalon Rose Chapel

Deep gratitude to my Sister Queen Holly, who worked out the exact timings of the conjunction for me as my non-mathematical brain is ill-equipped to do so ?

Photo Akira Fujii/ESA

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