This Full Flower Blue Moon in Scorpio coming during Inanna’s 5th Gate of Personal Power, with Venus and the Sun in Taurus, aligned with the star Lupus the Wolf, is shining Her unique light on all that is no longer serving your Soul values and strength.

What are your values? What is your Soul’s purpose? What do you dream of bringing into manifestation? What do you want your future to look and feel like?

And now feel into those things in your life – relationships, home, work – that may be in conflict with your values, blocking you from walking towards this life. What shadow attachments need to be acknowledged and then released with gratitude during this Full Moon portal over the next 2 weeks?

What do you need to have let go of by the New Moon on 3 June in order to come more deeply in alignment with your values, dreams and desires?

Lupus, the Wolf, teaches us THE most important lesson – to set ourselves free to live our lives according to our own primal, creative, wild nature. This is the archetype of the Virgin Huntress, the Wisewoman Warrior, that untamed part of us that is beholden to no-one and nothing but our own TRUTH.

Who are you? Who did you choose to be born as this lifetime? What is the destiny that you wrote for yourself in the stars before you incarnated? Are you doing everything you can to walk that path – the Path of your Soul?

Allow the sting of the Scorpion to destroy all shadow constraints and set yourSelf free to run with Wolf this Full Moon.

Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene & Avalon
Founder of The Glastonbury Gnostic Centre & Chapel

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