Full Moon, Partial Eclipse and ROSE blessings of the VENUS cycle! Ancient cultures used the Venus Cycle to determine the procession of the eclipses as mathematically they follow a relational pattern.

This Full Moon at 22:38 BST with a Partial Lunar Eclipse at 22:31 BST in Capricorn (22 being the sacred number of Mary Magdalene) is occurring within the same energetic portal as our Final Descent into the Underworld of the Rose Lineage and Ancient Sumerian Queen Ereshkigal, Sister of Inanna, Queen of Heaven.

These Rose Lineage mythological and archetypal energies of descent, and therefore of release, are being mirrored and amplified in the celestial realm as the Lunar Eclipse is square the dwarf planet Eris.

Eris was the Greek Goddess of Strife, Discord, Chaos and Anarchy as opposed to her sister Harmonia who was the Goddess of Order. Eris is another aspect of the Black Goddess, the dark, chthonic energy of Ereshkigal, the Black Madonna, Mary Magdalene, Lilith, Hecate, Kali, to name but a few. She who dwells in the Shadow, who embodies all our pain, fear and rage against the injustices of life. She who will not be silenced or tamed.

In the Greek Myth, Eris (like the “Dark” Fairy in Sleeping Beauty) wasn’t invited to the Wedding of Peleus and Thetis and, in her rage, tossed the Apple of Discord into the party. But the Apple is the ancient symbol of Wisdom in the Rose Lineage which is attained by biting its flesh and descending into your Shadow Self.

During this Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and Venus Cycle Portal, you are being asked to release EVERYTHING that is no longer serving you, to step forward NAKED and to meet the Queen of the Underworld, the Queen of Chaos and ultimately the Queen of Liberation.

Take a bite of the apple She is offering you, surrender all illusion of control, all defences and pretences, all limiting beliefs and behaviour patterns, and surrender to HER and your Soul’s Path.

This is the time to sit in the darkness whilst the Earth casts her shadow over the Moon and to listen to the Black Goddess. What do you need to release? How can you set yourself free? What do you need to rise up against?

In that dark cave, you will find your Wisewoman Warrior Self and she is going to rock this world in her own unique and glorious way!

With my blessings of release and liberation from the Underworld of Chaos
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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