Happy New Year and Decade ? So blessed to spend the last eve of the decade with my two Dragon Queens of Avalon, Laura Daligan and Rhiannon Morgana, and Rose King Alex Reyes-Ortiz.

At Bride’s Mound, the gateway to the sacred Isle of Avalon and the dawn of this new decade, Laura and I shared such a powerful ceremony of gratitude and release with an epic fire sword ritual of empowerment aligned energetically with Venus-Inanna’s Third Gate of Personal Power.

Deep love and gratitude to Laura, Fire Dancing Warrior Queen, for not only initiating me with the fire sword, but also Zac, Dragon King of Avalon.

Flaming Swords

When I asked Zac how it felt to hold the sword, he said that it had brought back memories of past lives when he had held a sword, and that this decade had been hard but he had improved a lot, and he’s looking forward to getting a girlfriend and having children in the next decade!

Deep love and gratitude also to Holly and Alex for contracting to walk through such a powerful portal together, on the Magdalene and Mary ley lines on Glastonbury Tor, creating the sacred Merkabah and Pillars of the Temple. Love you all ❤️

So much love and New Year/Decade blessings from Avalon, Heart Chakra of the World
Annabel Du Boulay ?❤️?
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

Gratitude to my beautiful daughter Jasmine for our ceremony photos

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