On my last day on Koh Phangan, I give deep gratitude to Mother Earth for all the healing I have received from Her trees, plants, animals, ocean, rocks, crystals, vegetables, seeds, oils, sun, moon, stars and song lines.

I feel so blessed by and grateful for these two weeks of complete rest, self-nurture and healing after the last 20 years of intense mothering and work.

I have slept so deeply in a wooden treehouse hidden away in the jungle with only the trees and noises of wild animals for company.

Thailand Treehouse Beach Annabel Du Boulay

I have purified my body on a detox diet of fresh green vegetables and seeds, had the most incredible Thai massages, been guided through Jade Egg and TRE (Trauma Release Exercises) sessions with expert therapists.

I have had the honour of practicing yoga with a 74 year old Master Yogi, who in one hour of analysing my body had diagnosed my structural issues and recommended a tailored programme of specific exercises.

Thailand Massage Temple - Annabel Du Boulay

I have co-created a powerful ceremony in the labyrinth through which the Rainbow Serpent flows from Uluru to my home in Avalon, and I have experienced synchronicity upon synchronicity, especially with the beautiful people I have met here.

Thailand Annabel Du Boulay
I was meant to be in Egypt but I listened to my Soul, to the Divine, to my guides and the guidance of those I trust, and I found myself on this magical Rose Quartz Island of Love.

I’ve faced my fears, released buried trauma, nurtured mySELF mind, body and soul, and now I’m ready to return home to Avalon to manifest all that I am here to bring through for the good of all and for Mother Earth.

With my Rose love and blessings from Koh Phangan
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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