The healing journey I’ve been on during my pilgrimage to the Hebrides – the Isles of the Holy Bride – feels deeply connected to the energies of this Full Moon.

Thursday’s Full Harvest Moon at 22:05 BST is the first of two Full Moons in October, with the second, Blue Blood Moon happening on Samhain (31 Oct).

This first Full Moon is occurring in the Constellation of Pisces, the Tropical Sign of Aries, opposite the Sun in Libra and conjunct Chiron – the Wounded Healer.

For me, this is the most important aspect of this Full Moon as my interpretation of the Lunar, Venusian and Sirian energies is influenced by the personal journey that I am led on by my Soul, Source and the Cosmos.

It’s called the Harvest Moon because it’s the first one following the Autumn Equinox, which fell on the Magdalene coded 22 September, the day I also held the Magdalene Workshop of my Avalon Rose Priestess Training, where we work with Magdalene, Yeshua, the Sacred Marriage of the Holy Bride and Bridegroom, and our Lover Self.

That day, I collected all my Moon Blood, which was encoded with all the energies and prayers of my Autumn Equinox ceremony and my Magdalene Workshop, and mixed it with sacred water from the Avalonian Red & White Springs and Sicily.

The next day, we left on pilgrimage to the Isles of the Holy Bride Magdalene and Brigit but, before I left Avalon, I made an offering of my Moon Blood to a sacred spring that, for me, holds all the energies of the Rose Lineage and the Black Goddess in Glastonbury, working with the energies of the Rose Line that flows between there and Rosslyn Chapel in Scotland.

After visiting Skye and Mull, I arrived on the Isle of Iona for the first time since I was last here in 2009 on my honeymoon, 8 weeks pregnant with my son Zac. I was immediately transported back to the woman I was then.

At the time, I was 36, deeply in love with my childhood sweetheart, pregnant with our first child, just about to start our new life as a family in Glastonbury, and full of so much hope and dreams for our future, after 10 years of nursing my eldest daughter through 11 operations.

Little did I know what lay ahead with the birth of my disabled son Zac, yet more years of nursing him on the bridge between life and death, a traumatised family, a marriage torn apart, and a deep descent into the dark cave of the Black Goddess, which I almost didn’t return from.

Coming home to Iona within the energies of this Full Moon forced me to face the remnants of this past wounding and to grieve once more for that 36 year old Bride with all her dreams that were drowned in the ocean on her Path to Gnosis.

As I knelt beside Brigit’s Well of Eternal Youth, where I last knelt on my honeymoon pregnant with Zac and my dreams, I offered my tears, prayers and Moon Blood to her waters.

The next morning, on the Feast of Archangel Michael, I closed the door on my past, I gathered my harvest gifts of Soul experience in my basket and I walked forwards into a new chapter of my life.

I don’t know what my future holds, but I know that I’ll spend it creating happy memories with the people I love and in service to the Black Goddess, the Rose Lineage, the Earth and all Beings in whatever role my Soul has chosen to play in our co-creation of the New Earth.

For me, that’s the gift being offered to us by this Full Harvest Moon – the opportunity to journey with Chiron and our Wounded Healer Self, to express any shadow emotions that may need to be released at this time, especially around our Lover Self and relationships, and then to harness the gift of the wound and rebirth ourSelf through the Full Moon portal into a new stage of our life.

With my love and Full Moon Blessings from Brigit’s Well of Eternal Youth
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene

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