#MarchMeetTheMaker ~ Challenge 9 ~ How It’s Made

My company strikes a balance between supporting indigenous artisans, especially women’s co-operatives, by selling their art and crafts, and creating our own branded products here in the UK.

We make a variety of products including hand-blended incense, working with sacred herbs and resins, which I love with a passion.

The whole family gets involved as we grind, measure and blend all the ingredients on the kitchen table before filling our branded jars.

We also create our own feather jewellery, head-dresses and smudge feathers so my house is always full of feathers, as well as reams of deerskin thong, blessing bags and crystals.

I also love this fabric I bought on my last buying trip to New Mexico, which we use to make cushions and throws – perfect to drape a yurt or use as an altar cloth.

Designing, creating and packaging products are some of the most enjoyable aspects to my business – infinitely more satisfying than doing my company accounts, which I dread in equal measure 😂


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