Zac’s message on the International Day of Disabled Persons:

It’s not OK to be made fun of when people have issues like me. I want to show the world that I’m as lovely as everyone else is even though I’ve got issues.

And I couldn’t speak for 7 years and had to do sign language for 5 years. And I couldn’t eat for 7 years and had to be fed through a peg.

And for the past 10 years, it’s been hard but it’s been really nice having a family and a life that has been working really hard for me.

All I want to do is just stay where I am now in the world. I don’t want to disappear or anything. I just want to stay where I am and follow my dreams.

My dreams are to be a professional streamer and to play football and to be able to do everything that everyone else can that I can’t.

I just want to try and do as much things as I can.

Zac Du Boulay
Dragon King of Avalon
Sirian Shaman Soul

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