What I have learnt from living so close to death and loss, is that life and love are so precious.

On the opposite side of Samhain-Death-Loss on the Wheel of the Year lies Beltane-Life-Love – it is an axis that has defined my life since I first started celebrating the festivals on the Isle of Avalon 19 years ago.

When Zac was fighting for his life in neonatal intensive care for 5 months, his father and I found ourselves making love with an urgency as if through the very act that creates life, we could somehow save his.

This union between death and life, loss and love, sterility and sexuality played out beautifully on my recent pilgrimage to West Wales with my beloved Rose Sister-Priestesses Achintya Devi, Pamela Gaunt and Mara Freeman, author of Grail Alchemy.

On our final day, we visited Ceridwen’s Tomb-Womb, a dolmen through which we re-birthed ourselves. My attention was drawn to 3 burial cairns in the distance, sensing a strong King energy as the Sun-Son King beamed down on me.

Later, we pilgrimaged near the cairns and were met by a herd of the Welsh Goddess of Beltane, Rhiannon’s pregnant white mares guarding the gateway to an ancient Druidic forest.

After meditating in a magical, hidden cave, I found a bed carved out of the rock and lined with moss, in the exact shape of my body.

As I nestled into my bed, I was greeted by the Lord of the Wildwood in all his strength and virility. His spiritual lovemaking reawakened my trust in the embodiment of the healthy male, the strong warrior of body, soul and mind.

I saw myself in my past-life as a Druidic Priestess dressed in green velvet with a cream veil. I was young, in love and joyful.

On leaving the forest, we were greeted by one lone pregnant white mare, before climbing the cairns. I have never visited a place which so powerfully embodies the energy of the healthy King. It filled my heart with hope and a simple chant came:

Kings of this land, may you rise, may you rise
Kings of this land, may you rise

On this day of Remembrance at 11/11/11, the Master Angelic Number, I give thanks for the joy of life, love and sexuality, I give thanks to all those who sacrificed their lives so that I could experience this privilege, and I embrace it with all my heart, soul and body.

Blessed be to the healthy King, may you rise, may you rise
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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