Sharing ‘Lo Boier’ Chant of the Gnostic Cathars in honour of the 700 year anniversary of their murder at Montsegur and with deep prayers for the fulfilment of their 700 year prophecy.

This chant was shared with me by a beloved brother last summer. I listened to it on repeat for months as I journeyed in prayer and meditation with the souls of the Cathars, releasing so much grief and being touched deeply in my heart by their gentle, loving compassion.

I then shared it with the sisters and brothers who work with me, whose hearts have similarly been touched by their words, sung by Patrick Lenk in his stunning version on YouTube.

‘Chant of the Gnostics: Lo Boier’

Quand lo boier ven de laurar
When the ploughman returns from ploughing

Planta son agulhada
He plants his cattle prod


Troba sa femna al pe del fuoc
He finds his wife at the foot of the fire

Tota desconsolada
Completely inconsolable


Se n’es malauta digas-o
If you are sad, then tell me

Te farai un potage
I’ll make you a stew


Amb una raba, amb un caulet
With a turnip, with a cabbage

una lauseta magra
and a skinny lark


Quand serai morta enterratz-me
When I am dead bury me

Al pus prigond de la cava
In the deepest part of the cave


Los pes virats a la paret
My feet towards the wall

Lo cap jos la canela
My head in the path of the water


E los romius que passaran
The pilgrims that will pass by

Prendran d’aiga senhada
Will take from the holy water.


E diran “Qual es mort aici?”
And they will ask “Who died here?”

Aquo es la paura Joana
Here lies the poor Joanne


Se n’es anada al paradis
She went to paradise

Al cel ambe sas cabras.
To heaven with her goats.


“For the Cathars, the laurel represented everything they strived for – deep love, personal mystical experience of the Divine, freedom and peace.”

“When they were murdered, they said ‘The laurel wilts.’”

“In 1321, the last Cathar parfait Guillaume Belibaste was burned at the stake where he prophesied: ‘In 700 years, the laurel will become green again…and good men and women will return.’” (words, music & film by Patrick Lenk)

May it be so

In loving memory of the Cathars and all those who were killed by the patriarchy for walking the Path of the Rose.

Annabel Du Boulay
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel®

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