As the last few days of this year enfold us in a final, loving embrace, may we:

* Cherish the memories of precious moments spent with loved ones

* Forgive those who we feel may have wronged us

* Forgive ourselves for all the times when we have been less than loving

* Give thanks for all the love we have received

* Make a commitment to be more loving, kind, compassionate and forgiving this year

* Draw comfort from the light that guided us through the challenging times

* Trust that the light will continue to guide and comfort us

* Shine our light even brighter than before

* Be the light that guides and comforts others

* Integrate the wisdom gained from lessons learned

* Share our wisdom in order to help vulnerable people

* Give thanks for the divine Love, Light and Wisdom that flows within and all around us

* Be LOVE, LIGHT & WISDOM in action

Blessed Be

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