Such a magical couple of days on Dartmoor with my daughter Jasmine walking the ancient land of our Bronze Age ancestors and creating a ritual of release at this ancient burial cist in preparation for Lunar Samhain.

We were so blessed by the light codes streaming down onto the burial chamber, activating their energies of death, transformation and rebirth, as we circled in three times releasing all that no longer serves us.

As we reached the centre, we let go of any shadow thoughts, feelings, behaviours, memories, people that we no longer wish to carry forward with us.

Then as we circled out three times, we called in everything that we desire to step into when we walk through Inanna’s First Gate of Ascent on the First (visible) Venus-Waxing Moon Conjunction on Tuesday.

It was such a profound way to enter the Samhain portal, witnessed by our ancestors whose energies are so deeply woven into this ancient land of Dartmoor, hand-in-hand with my daughter who carries within her the seeds of our future motherline.

I feel such a deep sense of sadness and loss. My family of 5 has shrunk to just me and Jasmine now, with Zac for half the week. Our family home of the last 6 years has gone. I am alone again after 20 years of intense mothering and marriages.

And in this dark cave of loss, I ask myself “Who am I now?”

As much as I am feeling sad and alone, I am also grateful for this opportunity with the energies of Lunar Samhain and the Venus-Moon Conjunction, to let my tears flow, to allow the hopes and dreams that never manifested to fall away, to let a way of life die to be reborn, to take off the mantle I have worn for so many years and step naked, vulnerable, yet older, wiser, stronger towards a future that is at yet unclear other than the flicker of the Black Goddess Sophia’s flame guiding me in the same way She has always guided me out of the darkness and into Her light.

If you’re feeling similar and would like to journey with me and these energies of release and rebirth, you can purchase the recording here as a powerful stand-alone ceremony of release to use at any time during this Samhain portal.

May you blessed by these Dark Moon energies
May your release be gentle
May your rebirth be complete
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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