Mary Magdalene
Maria Magdala

We honour you on this your Feast Day. Not just as Lover and Beloved in the Sacred Marriage, not just as Sacred Sexual Priestess of the Ishtar-Isis tradition, but as Mother of the Holy Grail, as Priestess-Teacher, as Sovereign Queen, as Wisdom-Sophia of the Rose Lineage.

Each time I come to Magdalene, I hear myself say “I don’t know who you are” and I feel unsettled because I’ve been a Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene for many years, having been initiated onto the Path of the Rose in Southern Italy in 1993 when I was just 20.

And then I smile and I remember that She is not for me to know. She is not some coat hook that we can hang our priestess cloak on, project our own needs upon, ascribe certain archetypal energies to according to our own beliefs or needs.

She, and her Feast Day, are not to be prostituted for personal gain by women who claim to know Her mysteries and wrap them up in ‘Codes’. Magdalene doesn’t speak to me in codes. She speaks in words. She speaks to my heart. Her words only became encoded in symbols during the persecution by the patriarchal church in the Middle Ages.

I still don’t know who Magdalene is, after all these years of loving devotion to her, because She is the Mystery. As much as we may try to understand and know Her with our left-brain, and project all our own needs on to Her, ultimately we can only EXPERIENCE Her as She moves through us, as She inspires, heals and guides us.

This evening, at The Avalon Rose Chapel’s annual Mary Magdalene Feast Day, our community of Rose Lineage Priestesses will be sharing their own unique inspirations in devotion to Magdalena through their song, poetry, storytelling, dance, prayer and guided meditation.

We would love you to join us ONLINE tonight (Wednesday) at 20:00 BST, BY DONATION ONLY with ALL proceeds going to UNSEEN – the UK’s foremost charity against Slavery and Human-Trafficking. The recording will be available for those of you who can’t join us live.

And wishing my beloved Father a Happy Birthday on this Feast Day
With the blessings of Magdalena
Annabel Du Boulay
Founder of The Avalon Rose Chapel
Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene

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