Dawn on Mount Sinai, celebrating the Rebirth of Light from the Sacred Mountain of my Soul (photo taken on my 40th Birthday pilgrimage just before the Winter Solstice 2012, which marked the beginning of a new era of spiritual transformation based on the Mayan calendar).

At this time of the Winter Solstice on my Philosophia Wheel of the Year, we seek a higher perspective from high above the mountain peak.

There, flying on the wings of Eagle, we connect to our Soul, our inner Wise One, for guidance and clarity.

As a Gnostic, my spiritual home is at Mount Sinai and St Catherine’s Monastery. I have been there twice on pilgrimage, climbing up the sacred mountain on a camel through the night with my Bedouin guide to watch the dawn rise over the sublime peaks.

Through my Annabel Du Boulay Shop, I support the Bedouin women of St Catherine’s who make the stunning beaded bags we sell.

It is devastating that ISIL’s terrorist presence in the Sinai Peninsular renders it too dangerous for pilgrims and tourists to travel there now, which in turn is having an adverse effect on the lives of the Bedouins due to the loss in income.

How symbolic that the dark forces of terrorism should plant their seed and grow within the very sacred heart of Sinai.

Now, more than ever before, we are being called to step up as the Spiritual Warriors we are to shine our Light of Love and Peace through Right Action.

May the Sinai, St Catherine’s and the Bedouin tribes be blessed with protection, peace and prosperity.

Blessed Be

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