My sixth and most recent tattoo is an ancient alchemical symbol, which represents the rebirth of wisdom from unity.

I first journeyed with the archetypal energies of Toad on the ancient land of Dartmoor, bathing naked in the freezing cold waters of the river at dawn to activate the Kundalini energies that Toad embodies.

I then explored the Toad in Alchemy where it symbolises the Earth, the body and the female.

In contrast, the Eagle represents the Air, the intellect and the male.

When we unite the two, we give birth to the Serpent, the ancient symbol of Goddess Wisdom which flows from the Sacred Marriage of our own Animus and Anima, the Sun and the Moon.

I had the Eagle tattooed on my back in sacred ceremony on Dartmoor within a circle of Scar Sisters drumming.

Later, I had the Wheel of Life, Serpent, Toad, Sun and Moon etched on my skin. It’s the only time I’ve shed tears whilst having a tattoo, as it so powerfully symbolised my Soul’s journey with Sophia, the Serpent Goddess of Wisdom.

Lastly, I added the three feathers from Owl, the bird of Wisdom, to represent the ancient symbol of the Trinity from the Palaeolithic Lunar Myth, transforming my tattoo into a dreamcatcher from the Native American mythology of the tribes I work with.

And the three sacred names of the Gnostic Trinity – Sophia, Jeshua and Magdalene.

When we unite Toad with Eagle, and give birth to the Serpent, we have the power to dream our life alive.

With my love and blessings

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