Happy birthday to my beautiful Beltane Flower babe Jasmine, born on the original date of Beltane – 8 May.

We spent such a beautiful day together yesterday celebrating Jazz, but the most special part of all was when her sister Sophia and I held her in ceremony last night.

Each of us opened the circle, calling in our guides, our mother and father lines, before Jasmine voiced her intentions.

Then I led her on a deep, transpersonal journey to identify, heal and release memories, wounds, behaviours, people who are no longer serving her, and to call-in her dreams.

I am absolutely blown away by her level of emotional intelligence, her self-awareness, her ability to self-reflect and express the wounding that lies beneath.

My heart felt like it was breaking to hear her express her wounding at the same time that it was bursting with pride at her ability, aged only 17, to venture to such deep places of pain to heal them.

I don’t think I was able to journey like that until after I’d given birth to her aged 30 and was in recovery from PTSD and addiction.

I am so deeply blessed to be the mother of such a beautiful being, who cried so many tears for those who are not as fortunate as she is, and yet she has suffered so much.

I am completely humbled by her presence and innate beauty, love and compassion.

Jazzy, words are not sufficient to express how deeply I love, honour and adore you. Thank you for blessing us with the divinity of your presence.

Mama Wolf ?♥️♥️♥️

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