I suffered a severe pelvic injury at the beginning of this Venus Cycle, 8 years ago.

On a physical level, it was caused by an accumulation of too much heavy lifting whilst moving house twice when I was pregnant and soon after giving birth; trauma from giving birth 3 times; trauma from not being able to rest after giving birth to my disabled son whilst he was in intensive care; and trauma from carrying my son as he was physically developmentally delayed and couldn’t walk.

One day, my body finally said “Enough is enough”, and I tore all the ligaments that attached to my tailbone, causing my whole pelvic hammock to collapse.

This catalysed me into a profound healing journey with my Sacral Chakra, not just on a physical level. As I began to unpick the layers of wounding that lay beneath the physical injury, I had to look at why I had been carrying too much of a burden on my own and not receiving (or asking for) enough support.

This is a common theme experienced by so many women, especially those of us who are single mothers. It is a very complex issue and obviously unique to every woman.

In my own case, I had to look at issues relating to my Maiden Self (sexual abuse), Lover Self (where I had prostituted myself by not asking for my needs to be met because on some level I didn’t believe I was worthy of having them met) and Mother Self (trauma from birthing 2 disabled children unable to breathe).

I am still on my healing journey with my Sacral Chakra, but I find it so powerful, especially when Venus is retrograde, to work with the Rose Goddesses Eve (Maiden), Magdalene (Lover) and Mary (Mother), to receive their love, healing and guidance.

So I would love you to join me on tomorrow’s Dark Moon for my Ascension Rites, where I’m going to be guiding us to work with them and our Sacral Chakra.

Although we will be using a Tantric chant, this is not a Tantric workshop. If you feel inspired to work with a Tantric-Dakini healer who will guide you in how to embody your sensual, feminine energy, then please contact my beloved Sister Queen Elena who is guiding me on this next stage of self-love.

All my love
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?

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