#MarchMeetTheMaker Challenge 7: Routine…

As a Sagittarian free-spirit, I find routine really challenging, although I know scheduling increases productivity.

So for me, creative work is a free-flowing, in-the-moment, intuitive, guided manifestation, supported by a grounded structure of intention.

Every day is different, the only routine I have is created by the needs of my children, such as the school run, but the hours in between are spent in a myriad of ways.

In fact, the only remotely routine thing about my creative work day is that, as a Brit, it’s continually punctuated by having a cup of tea.

This is my favourite mug to keep me going:

“Good things are going to happen”

And the card on my desk from my beautiful soul-sister Amanda Baker inspires me every day:

Tell Your Story * Believe In Healing * Honour Your Intuition * Take The Journey Back To Your Self * Wear More Skirts * Begin Today * Embrace Vulnerability * Do The Thing You Didn’t Think You Could * Quiet The Inner Critic

Do you have a routine to your creative day? Do you love it or do you find it restrictive?


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