After exactly a year to the day of creating my chequered Instagram page, I am releasing my attachment to it with deep love and gratitude for all that I have learnt and shared as I tracked the Solar, Lunar, Venusian, Sirian and Rose Lineage Cycles.

New horizons beckon. My Creative Self is calling me. And when She calls, I listen and follow, otherwise my Soul becomes unfulfilled and restless.

I am at heart a Wild and Free Sagittarius, a Virgin Warrior beholden to no-one and no-thing except my own Heart’s desire.

And my desire it to set mySelf free from obligation, constraint and limitation so that I can create space in my life for Soul expression and for Love.

With my deepest love and gratitude to those of you who have been so generous and supportive of my sharings.

I look forward to sharing with you whatever my Soul now leads me to create.

May you always be blessed with the freedom to make a choice, to change direction, to rebirth yourSelf onto a different path, to create space in your life for the new to flow in, especially to create space for love.

With my love and blessings from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?

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