The New Moon in Cancer this evening (20:16 BST) occurs just 8 mins before the full Solar Eclipse reaches its totality (20:24 BST).

Although the Eclipse will only be visible across parts of South America and the Pacific, its energies will be felt by us all.

As I write this, we have just walked through the 7th Rose Gate of Inanna during the 7th Waning Moon-Venus Conjunction in my Rose Moon Online Membership Programme.

It was the most powerful threshold of surrender, of letting go of our last pretence at control, of meeting ourselves face to face in all our shadow and our light.

Sophia, Black Goddess of Wisdom, does not ask us to look to others for inspiration or validation, but to ourselves and Source.

She asks us to switch off the false lights that our small, wounded parts seek – the external validations, the cloying projections, the mirage of “supremacy” – all those things that these parts unconsciously seek to try to make themselves feel less small and more safe.

As the Moon casts Her shadow over the Sun, Sophia asks us to the look in the mirror in all our raw, naked vulnerability, to allow any shadow feelings of shame, disgust, wounding or fear to gently rise to be released into the flames of Her fire, and to become fully conscious of our own unique, exquisite beauty.

We don’t need to be better than, more beautiful than, more successful than, more popular than, more wise than, more anything than.

We just need to be. And to recognise how perfect we are in our myriad of imperfections. At the core of our essence we are each such a gift to this world. The key is rediscovering what our unique gift is from our own lived experience and sharing it for the good of all.

As the Sun’s rays return during the New Moon and 7th Gate portal, they usher in a time of healing at a core, cellular level, especially in relation to our Base Chakra and our fears around survival which lie at the root of these shadow behaviours, looking outwards to others rather than inwards at our own divinity.

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