Today’s New Moon in Pisces occurs on 23.02.20 at 3:32 GMT, blessed again by powerful Rose Codes whilst we are making our Rose-Celtic pilgrimage through the Scottish Isles.

Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac and, being the watery sign of the fish, governs the deep waters of both Mother Earth and of our psyche. This New Moon therefore gifts us the opportunity for deep healing and completion, especially in relation to childhood wounds as we are still in the time of Imbolc on the Philosophia Wheel of the Year.

We have felt this so strongly on these wild isles within the Sea of the Hebrides, which belongs to the Rose-Celtic Goddess Bride, Brigit, Brighde – Maiden Goddess of Imbolc.

Brigit is also Goddess of the Sacred Springs and Healing Waters, and we experienced the most profound healing and purification at one of Her wild waterfalls on the Isle of Mull, close to Magdalene’s Well.

This New Moon in Pisces begins the next lunar cycle until the New Moon on 24 March, and its energies will therefore carry us:

? from the purification of our psyche by the sacred springs of Imbolc

? to the Rose Moon on 27 February where we walk through Venus-Inanna’s 5th Gate of Ascent associated with the Throat Chakra, and therefore also with the element of water and communication

? to the Spring Equinox on 20 March which is also associated with the element of water on my Philosophia Wheel.

So energetically we have a Triple Element of Water, like the Triple Goddess Brigit and the Three Marys, blessing our ability to heal any blocks to voicing our truth and empowering us to share our unique gifts in the world.

This theme of communication is amplified even more astrologically by one of the four Royal Stars associated with the Rose Lineage Divine Messenger Archangel Gabriel, whose original feast day was celebrated on 24 March, the date this lunar cycle ends.

Create some time during this New Moon portal to work with the element of Water. Pray for healing, release, and rebirth yourself through the amniotic waters of Life into a new cycle of your Soul’s authentic expression.

With New Moon Blessings from the Hebrides
Annabel Du Boulay

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