This first New Moon of the year and decade is in Aquarius – the sign of community, humanitarianism, co-creation and activism, which sets the tone for the coming decade. At this gateway of Lunar Imbolc, the germinating seeds you planted at the Solstice will be amplified by both the Lunar and Celtic-Rose energies of the Philosophia Wheel of the Year.

It is a a magical time when our Soul gifts are gestating in the warm womb of Mother Earth like Persephone, the Maiden Kernel, before she returns to her mother Demeter, the Black Goddess of the Harvest in the Rose Lineage, whose myth my novel The Serpent’s Tale is based upon.

This harvest myth is inspired by one of the oldest foundation myths of the Rose Lineage, dating back to the Neolithic era and Bronze Age Mesopotamia which we were studying last weekend on the sixth weekend of my Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene Training.

It is a time of new beginnings when the first shoots of the snowdrops are appearing through the morning frost here on the ancient Isle of Avalon, carrying with them all our hopes and dreams for the coming year and decade.

This New Moon and Imbolc portal is an opportunity for us to sink into the stillness of the Earth, to nurture the seeds of our dreams and plant some more, especially in relation to the unique gifts we want to contribute to a group endeavour for the good of all.

Give yourself permission to dream big. Release all self and socially imposed limitations. Feel the expansiveness of your Soul and reach out with gratitude to receive all the abundance that wants to flow into your life to help you to manifest your dreams.

We are all here at this time on Earth to be the change-makers, the way-showers, the light-bringers in our own uniquely beautiful ways, however seemingly small or big, honouring that each is as valuable a contribution as the other.

Blessings of the warm womb-tomb of the Mother as you dare to peak your head above the earth, trusting that your roots are entwined deeply with Hers, grounding you in Her love and strength as you stand proud and shine your light in the world.

Annabel Du Boulay

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