The New Moon in Virgo occurs today at 11:37 BST. It is a Black Moon, which either relates to it being the second new moon in a calendar month in some parts of the world, or the fact that it is a New Moon happening at the same time as a Supermoon (when the Moon is in perigree – closest to the Earth and therefore appearing larger). All this serves to amplify the energies of this Moon.

Much of the astrology this month focuses on the Sacred Marriage between Mars and Venus, with Venus bringing a sense of love and tenderness to her union with the raw, primal passion of Mars. If we direct these energies outwards, then astrologers are right to predict that this next couple of weeks is a potent time for beloveds.

However, with this New ‘Black’ Moon occurring in Virgo and with the Rose Moon Venus Cycle still keeping us in the shadows of the Underworld like the Maiden Kernel Persephone growing in the darkness, my interpretation focuses more on our own inner Sacred Marriage.

Virgo is ‘the Virgin’ and as such embodies 3 different aspects of us – the Triple Goddess inspired by our most ancient Palaeolithic Lunar Myth. She is our Maiden Self, our Virgin Warrior Self and our High Priestess Self.

The Maiden Self holds many aspects within her – she is both the magical Divine Child Self but also the Wounded Child Self. The Virgin Warrior Self is that Artemis-Diana aspect of us, the Wild Maiden-Lover beholden to no-one but her own raw power. The High Priestess is who we become when we have survived the challenges of life and have integrated all these different aspects of ourselves, when we are able to use our wisdom for the good of all.

For me, this New Moon is the perfect time to withdraw and focus on yourSelf and your own inner Sacred Marriage.

Where in your life has your little Wounded girl been giving her power away, allowing herself to become hooked into stories that no longer serve her?

Where has your Virgin Warrior Self been forgetting how all-powerful she is? That she needs no-one and no-thing but her own wild, raw, primal nature to guide and protect her?

In what aspects of your life has your High Priestess stepped off her throne and forgotten that she has earned the right to be there through her blood, sweat and tears, and that she first and foremost rules alone, before she ever considers sharing her realm with a beloved.

In honour of these New Moon energies, I have chosen to gift myself 3 days away on my own in the wild, raw, wilderness of Mother Nature and her elements, to come back to the truth and power of who I am within the Sacred Marriage of my own Soul.

My prayer is that you will also find a way to create time for yourSelf away from your everyday responsibilities to reconnect with the Triple Goddess within you.

With my New Moon blessings
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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