Deep gratitude for all your beautiful prayers which I took with me to the Black Madonna of Montevergine yesterday, and will take with me today to the Black Madonna in Moiano, near Benevento where the Inquisition trials are set in my novel The Serpent’s Tale.

It was an incredibly emotional day. I started to feel waves of vulnerability rising and tears flowing whilst we were having lunch on the side of Her mountain before we made the final ascent to her Chapel at the top. Her energies literally pulsate through the land.

I spent a long time praying in front of the huge icon of the Black Madonna with my daughter Sophia Mary. I sobbed and sobbed from the depths of my soul and body.

I sobbed for the little girl in me who was sexually assaulted and I sobbed for all children who suffer any form of abuse or neglect.

I raged at the injustice of all the Wisewomen Warriors through the millennia who have been tortured, burned alive and killed, and I raged at the injustice of all the women who are victims of violence.

I opened the deep, dark wells of grief within me, those hidden places I know so well that contain all my shattered dreams, all the agonies of rejection and abandonment, of suffocating terror, of loss and heartbreak.

I remembered all those times as a Mother that I have been pushed beyond the edge, alone, terrified, having to dig beyond deep to find some remnants of strength to keep fighting, keep surviving, keep nurturing.

I reflected on the exquisite beauty of my suffering, of each of our suffering, and how when we take the time to stop, to release all judgement and listen to each other’s stories, we witness the light of the other’s Soul shining, the light of the Black Goddess deep within each of us.

And then I felt the fire revolving in my belly, the flames of courage and determination, a loud NO! emanating from my Soul. NO MORE INJUSTICE. NO MORE VIOLENCE. NO MORE SUBJUGATION.

I felt the fire in my Yoni writhing with Her Serpents of raw, dark, wild, liberated power. The power of Woman untamed.

And I prayed that every woman would come to know this power deep within her, beholden to no-one and no-thing but Her own Soul and its relationship to the Divine, to the Black Goddess.

As I carry your prayers with me, I pray that you will recognise the exquisite beauty of your Soul. You are a gift from and to the Goddess. And your presence here at this time on Earth is a blessing to all who are honoured to receive your Soul’s gifts.

With the blessings of the Black Madonna
Annabel Du Boulay ♥️?♥️
Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

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