In this world of blooms trapped beneath ice,

I will plant a garden for your Soul’s life.


From a poem I wrote on the birth of my disabled son, whose smile, like the beauty of the blooms, is frozen by the icy cloud of paralysis.

When I first wrote the poem, the last line read “She has made a coffin for your Soul’s life.”

Having been told by his doctors in intensive care that his paralysis meant he would never smile, speak, feed or breathe independently, I felt devastated, hopeless and angry at the Divine Mother.

But then, over time, as I allowed my tears to fall, my heart to bleed and my rage to roar, I was able to take back my power.

Instead of blaming Life, trapped in the role of Victim, I came to understand that I had the power to create a beautiful garden for his Soul’s life.

And that is what I did. For even when the beauty of someone’s smile lies hidden beneath paralysis, it is up to us to recognise the light of their Soul shining through their eyes.

In deep love and gratitude to my son for teaching me to never give up and to find beauty even within the frozen, winter landscape of Life.

Blessed Be

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