Our memories are woven through time into the fabric of the land…

I hope you’ve all enjoyed the Spring break.

I’ve had a beautiful time, disengaging from work and social media, to spend time with my family & close friends.

It has felt so healing and refreshing to take some time out, to visit places new and old, spend time with my beloved parents as they grow more frail, yet still laugh as the teenagers they once were.

To experience breathtaking talent on the West End stage in London, watch the performance through my autistic son’s eyes…the first time he has felt brave enough to watch a musical with his ear-defenders securely fastened.

To visit Windsor Castle and marvel at the Dolls House once more, remembering my first visit as a young girl, and then again when I took my daughters as young children.

I love that feeling of nostalgia when your own children experience the same thing you experienced as a child, and suddenly the veils part and life becomes a series of interconnected memories where there is no separation.

And I am reminded that I am still a child inside, and how important it is to nurture my Inner Child by putting down my work, going on an adventure, spending time with loved ones, sharing in experiences that are simply for fun, with no goal to achieve other than to simply be, feel and enjoy.

The last place I visited was Chalice Well and the White Spring here where I live in Glastonbury, with one of my closest friends since I was 19 years old and her fairy children with mine.

Again, a sacred place that I have visited for 18 years, full of memories from my life bringing my children here as babies and toddlers, initiating as a Priestess of Avalon many moons ago, saying my vows at the Wellhead in the darkness of the night, witnessed by the ancient spirits and guardians of this land.

Our memories are woven through time into the fabric of the land and those places from our childhood that we return to through the eyes of our own children.

Feeling blessed and blissed to have stepped off the train for a few precious days of breathing in new life.


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