How many scars do we have etched on our skin, our heart, our memories? Too many, some would say.

The stories of our lives weave their words with stitches that bind our experiences to our Soul’s journey.

Some are visible, some lay hidden. Some we hate and feel ashamed of. Some we display proudly as signposts of what we have survived.

My scars on my wrists are from the razors and knives I used to voice my distress when my tongue was tied by shame and fear.

Now they are woven into tattoos by my Adult Self who chose to reclaim the power of my adolescent descent into the underworld.

On my left wrist proudly stands the Black Goddess of Death and Rebirth – Ormgudinna the Snake Goddess from a stone carving in Gotland, Sweden.

Annabel Du Boulay Philosophia Wheel Samhain Tattoo Serpent Goddess

My priestess soul-sister Elin Hejll and I had the tattoo done together when we completed our three year Priestess of Avalon training in 2004.

She reminds me every day of my ability to transform challenging, painful experiences into opportunities for Soul growth.

On my right wrist is a Unicorn which I had done following my divorce in 2007, when I created a ritual to marry myself, uniting my animus (horn) with my anima (white mare) in the Sacred Marriage of my Soul.

Annabel Du Boulay Philosophia Wheel Samhain Tattoo Unicorn

It reminds me that I am whole unto myself. That my strength and power comes from the union of my own inner masculine and feminine, when I can truly ride to freedom.

Our scars are the weapons we carry into battle. They hold the memories of all that we have survived and overcome. From the triumph of their healing flows the liquid fire from which our swords are forged.

And we rise as Wisewomen-Warriors, carrying our scars with pride.

With my love and blessings this Samhain

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