All Hail the Rose and Celtic Queens of Beltane! May they fill your heart with the fire of their love and com-passion; your solar plexus with their courage and strength as independent, sovereign Warrior Queens; your Yoni with their raw, untamed sexuality, sensuality and fertility.

The Queens of Beltane embody all aspects of what it is to be Queen.

Through their Celtic-Druidic and Rose mythos, they reveal their (and our) many faces:

The beautiful, fertile Queen of Springtime who spreads joy and ecstatic sweetness through the sharing of her abundant gifts of flowers, fruits and honey.

The Magick Sorceress, Queen of the Fae, who works with the seen and unseen energies of the Mysteries to manifest her will for the good of All.

The unashamed, untameable, passionate, powerful Warrior Queen who bows to no-one but her own wild nature, grounded in the earth and guided by the Divine.

The Queen of the Fertile Earth who receives into her fecund depths the phallic Tree, the Maypole, uniting the divine feminine and masculine in the Sacred Marriage both inwardly and outwardly, bringing unity and balance.

The Gnostic Queen and High Priestess who bathes her beloved’s feet with her tears and anoints his head with the sacred oil of resurrection (yes…you can read that two ways ?).

This is just a taste of some of the Beltane Queen energies which will be weaving their way through our free online ?Rose and Dragon ? Full Moon Beltane Queens’ Circle.

Join us via our Queens’ Round Table website to experience the power and passion of these Beltane Queens’ energies re-igniting your body and soul.

With Beltane love from Avalon
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Founder Glastonbury Gnostic Centre & Rose Chapel
Co-Founder The Queens’ Round Table with Holly

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