In 2002, I had to miss the Imbolc weekend of my Priestess of Avalon Training in Glastonbury as my daughter Sophia Mary synchronistically had one of her 12 operations scheduled on 1 February.

As I nursed her in hospital, I wrote this song to Bridie, Brigit, Bride, Maiden Goddess of Imbolc, Children and Healing, which has been sung at the Glastonbury Goddess Temple’s Imbolc Ceremony ever since.

Exactly 8 years later, my son Zac synchronistically had his life-saving surgery scheduled also for the 1 February, when the whole of our Goddess-loving community in Glastonbury prayed for him during their Imbolc Ceremony.

The following year, when he was well enough to leave intensive care, Sophia sung our song to Bridie on the steps of the Goddess Temple and carried Bride’s light through the streets of Glastonbury with her siblings Jasmine and Zac.

Our family has felt the presence of Bridie and her consort Archangel Michael guiding, healing and protecting us for over 20 years now.

This Imbolc, I send you all Her blessings and love from the ancient Isle of Avalon where she once walked and prayed. Sing her song and invite her healing, inspiration and light into your life.

We are all so blessed by our loved ones, by our communities, by the divine.

In times of darkness and shadow disharmony, may we remember that we are all souls whose hearts are capable of the most immense love, compassion and grace.

Our family is so grateful for all the love, healing, prayers and support that we have received over the years.

It was such a blessing today to celebrate Imbolc all together with our beloved Soul family on the ancient Isle of Avalon, 18 years after I first wrote this song.

Blessed be to Bridie, Brigit, Bride
Annabel Du Boulay ?♥️?
Rose Priestess of Sophia-Magdalene
Priestess of Avalon

Bridie, sweet bride,
Maiden of mine,
I can hear your bells
Heralding springtime,
May your fires that burn brightly
Inspire my words,
Bringing forth your wisdom
Into this world.

Bridie, sweet bride,
Lady of springs.
I can feel your breath
Upon the swan’s wings,
May your waters of healing
Purify my soul,
And your serpent and wolf
Protect us all.

Bridie, sweet bride
Of the sun and the moon
I can see your white dawn
Shining through,
As the darkness of winter
Gives way to your light,
May your blessings be upon us
This day and this night.

Song copyright Annabel Du Boulay 2002


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