I will be sending my distant healing prayers this evening – praying to the Gnostic Trinity of Sophia, Jeshua and Mary Magdalene, as well as Archangel Michael for their love, healing and comfort.

After a week that has been focussed globally on unity and human rights, I pray especially for world peace through love, acceptance, compassion and forgiveness.

Reflecting on World Religion Day, I pray that the shared spiritual tenets in all religions encourage worshippers to unite in common faith and fellowship, to bring unity and peace where there is conflict and war.

In light of the Women’s March, I pray for all people who are suffering or recovering from human rights abuses, for those who are denigrated, subjugated, abused or tortured. May you find liberation, comfort and healing.

And may women and men continue to unite in defiance of all patriarchal and despotic regimes and leaders, challenging the status quo and creating a new way of co-existing in harmony for the good of all and Mother Earth.

Please let me know if you would like me to pray for you or a loved one

Blessed Be

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