This week has been British Science Week, during which I signed an Avaaz pledge to eat less meat.

“Our meat consumption isn’t just fueling mass animal torture, it’s killing our planet! Livestock contributes more to global warming than all cars, planes and buses worldwide, and 75% of all our agricultural land is devoted to crops for livestock feed.”

“We don’t all have to become vegetarian overnight, but experts say cutting back on meat is the single best thing we can do to stop planetary catastrophe.”

Scientists estimate that the polar bears will be extinct in 30-40 years time unless we reduce global warming and protect the sea ice they need to survive.

We can all contribute to reducing climate change, and therefore help polar bears and other endangered species, by joining the Avaaz pledge to not eat meat for one day a week at least.

May we protect Mother Earth and all Her Creatures for our children.

Blessed Be

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